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Reduce the risk of fire and avoid noncompliance

Certified, professional hood, fan and duct cleaning is a necessity for any commercial cooking business.

Unappealing as may be, the heart of your commercial kitchen is your grease extraction system. Heavy grease build-up is a potential fire hazard and if you do not actively remove it, you’ll be putting employees and clients at risk, and your insurance may be void.

The scope of our hood and duct cleaning services includes:

  • Disassembly, cleaning, and degreasing hoods, including hood filter tracts, grease troughs, and removable grease cups;
  • Removal of roof and/or wall mounted fans from ductwork to degrease the base, shroud, and blades;
  • Inspection of exhaust fans for loose or worn out fan belts;
  • Cleaning and degreasing all hood filters, hood parts and accessories, and replacing if necessary;
  • Cleaning all accessible parts of ductwork from exhaust fans to each individual hood;
  • Cleaning of high walls and ceilings;
  • Application of food-safe polish to stainless steel ductwork;
  • Thoroughly cleaning all affected areas (remove plastic, mop, remove any debris, etc.);
  • Provision of a written report detailing work performed, and any deficiencies in the exhaust system with recommendations for recourse;
Cooker Hood Cleaning Service
Kitchen Hood Exhaust System
Restaurant Hood Service

Your kitchen rules

To keep your commercial kitchen up and running and with the least amount of disruption, we operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our fan, filter, hood and duct cleaning services can be tailored to suit your schedule.

Fan, filter, hood and duct cleaning services

Commercial Ducting and Hood Service Ltd (Comduc) is IQP (Independent Qualified Person) registered for cleaning and sanitizing of mechanical ventilation and air conditioning systems. An annual inspection of these systems is a legal requirement to obtain a Building Warrant of Fitness under the Building Act.

To ensure a complete cleaning of your kitchen’s entire exhaust system, including, but not limited to:

  • Hoods
  • All connecting ductwork
  • Exhaust fan units
  • Air handling systems

If your commercial kitchen ducting and hoods are not properly maintained, then you are exposing your business to a potential fire hazard and breach of insurance.

For a professional clean, call the conduct team

We clean the following:

Hood and Duct Cleaning Services


A buildup of cooking residue around the fan unit puts strain on the motor and will eventually cause it to cease working. This can be very expensive, often involving days of kitchen downtime while the extractor fan is removed, repaired or replaced. Grease and sludge buildup also reduces the overall efficiency of the extractor system. Fat, oil, etc. can then blow out onto the roof or the footpath areas, running down into the guttering and resulting in further health and safety risks.

Kitchen Hood and Duct Cleaning


A buildup of oil, fat, grease, soot, dust and debris is a health and fire risk as it reduces air flow. These materials may then drop back down through the hood and filters onto the appliances and food below. Clean ducting ensures maximum efficiency from your extractor system.

Hood and Duct Cleaning Services


Fan units often blow fat, oil etc. out on to the roof which must be cleaned off to avoid it running into storm water drains. It also taints paintwork and galvanising, causing corrosion of metal roofs. It can also look unsightly from the road or front of your restaurant.

Hood and Duct Cleaning Services


It is imperative that the hood above cooking appliances (stoves, ovens, fryers, grilles etc.) be kept in pristine condition on both hygiene and fire safety grounds. This area includes the oil drains and light fittings. And let’s face it, a dirty hood covered in grease, oil, fat, soot, dust etc. is a slur on the good reputation of the chef and the restaurant.

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Service


Dirty, blocked, worn-out and poorly designed filters will reduce airflow leading to a hot kitchen as well as fat particles being deposited on ceilings, walls and cooking surfaces. We recommend “Genuine Filters” because of their efficiency and ease of cleaning. We suggest busy restaurants have their filters cleaned weekly; monthly is the most common for averagely busy commercial kitchens.

Commercial Kitchen Vent Hood Cleaning

Walls and ceilings

We clean and sanitize high walls and ceilings and light fittings.

Restaurant Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Laundry duct cleaning

Dryer lint is extremely flammable. Keeping your vents and laundry ducts free from lint reduces the chance of fires and wear and tear on your equipment. If it has been over a year since you’ve had your facility’s laundry vents cleaned, call 0800 266 382. We will thoroughly inspect and clean all ducts and duct components.
We can clean your laundry ducting and vents as a separate service, or along with the kitchen grease extraction cleaning.

Restaurant Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Air handling systems

Our duct and vent cleaning technicians can also clean your air handling units. Our cleaning process includes the removal and cleaning of all filters and filter racks, cleaning of coils, drain tubes, trays and pans, cleaning of interior and exterior walls of the unit.

Recommended fan, hood and duct cleaning frequency based on commercial kitchen usage:

Light Use

  • Between two and six hours each day. Should deep clean ducts and extraction systems every twelve months.

Medium Use Kitchens

  • Used between six and twelve hours each day. Duct cleaning should take place every six months.

Heavy Use Kitchens

  • Subjected to between twelve and sixteen hours use each day. Should clean their vents every three months.

We clean New Zealand commercial kitchens from top to bottom. All our work is guaranteed.

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