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Health & Safety

Kitchen Safety Is No Accident

At Comduc we take health and safety very seriously. To ensure our valued staff all go home each evening safe and without injury, we aim for zero accidents. You can be assured of full industry compliance and that the most up-to-date health and safety practices are always followed by all our staff while on your site.

You have people counting on you to look after and feed them; you can count on Comduc to look after the extraction hood, fan, ducting and exhaust systems in your commercial kitchen. We’ll keep the people in and around them safe and breathing easy.

We ensure all our staff are trained and to New Zealand health and safety standards


  • Each service technician holds the following qualifications: Chemical Handling and Site Safe.


  • Our senior technician’s hold additional qualifications such as Elevated work platform (EWP) and First aid, Confined space and Working at heights.
  • All qualifications are monitored to ensure they are always current.
  • All qualifications are available for inspection on request.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all workers is regularly checked to ensure compliance standards are met.
  • We have a robust system in place for identifying and reporting hazards.
  • We operate an isolation tag and lock out system when working with electricity.
  • The environmental policy to manage the eco-friendly products we use and to manage any spillage and the disposal of any waste is extremely robust.
  • Material safety data sheets for all the products we use are available.
  • Resource consent compliance for noise, waste water discharge, odour and storm water discharge are strictly adhered to.
  • A zero drug and alcohol policy is in place at our company and random testing is carried out to ensure compliance is met.
  • We are Site safe accredited and we hold IMPAC pre-qual.
Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Company

New Zealand Certified Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Company

As a highly experienced kitchen exhaust cleaning company, we don’t take our work lightly.

Climbing multi-storey ladders to roofs, working with chemicals, electrical components, ensuring fans are properly locked down and tagged so they cannot be switched on when technicians are cleaning and the correct disposal of waste all requires care and attention.

These are some of the reasons why we are certified by a reputable New Zealand accredited agency and provide a high standard of ongoing education for all our staff.

If your commercial kitchen exhaust system is not properly maintained, then you are exposing your business to a potential fire hazard and breach of insurance.

For a professional clean, call the Comduc Team.
All our work is guaranteed.

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